How to Help a Family Member who has a Mental Disorder

It can be difficult to know what to do next when a loved one is diagnosed with a mental health disorder. There are so many questions and uncertainties. You want to be there to love and support your family member however you can, but knowing the best way to do so can be overwhelming.  You … Read more

Is Covid-19 Giving People PTSD

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on many people’s mental health — putting marriages and social lives under significant pressure. From anxiety about contracting the virus to the implications of losing one’s job or being isolated for extended periods, individuals all over the world are suffering from the effects of the pandemic. Depression and anxiety … Read more

Counseling During the Era of COVID-19

COVID-19 has made exploring counseling options a unique and challenging experience. This has become especially challenging for patients concerned about their privacy, with unique challenges and barriers present for patients and for counselors alike. Despite the challenges, counselors are still able to offer a wide variety of services just as if services were offered in … Read more

What are the Seemingly Hidden Signs of Depression?

Many of us know what depression is and what the apparent signs are. Prolonged sadness, loss of hope, loss of interest in activities are all common symptoms. These symptoms are commonly listed on mental health websites and in antidepressant ads. But these aren’t the only symptoms. Sometimes symptoms are more subtle, less obvious, but just … Read more

How is Covid-19 Affecting Children’s Mental Health

COVID-19 has caused plenty of problems in the world as we know it. The economy has suffered, people are sick, and many are dealing with depression and other disorders that they may or may not have been struggling with before the pandemic. It’s no surprise that children are suffering from mental challenges as well. With … Read more

Dealing With Grief and Loss During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Whether due to the virus or another health complication, the experience of losing a loved one during the pandemic is especially painful for many. Due to the restrictions put in place with the intent of preventing the spread of the virus, many were not able to be with their loved ones during their final moments … Read more

5 Signs You Should Visit a Marriage Counselor

Getting married is a wonderful occasion, and marriage can be a great adventure. As time passes, the people involved in the marriage can change and evolve. This can lead to issues, sometimes so impactful that it may involve the need to seek out a counselor. This is a perfectly normal occurrence. Marriage counseling can move … Read more