Therapy for Anxiety

Present circumstances can cause individuals chronic anxiety. Find your balance with therapy for anxiety from Lisa Rogers Counseling. Now available for in-person therapy in New York City and Virtual Counseling.

Let’s keep this simple; there has been a seismic shift of biblical proportions in the psyche of all of humankind. The aftershocks being felt around the world are affecting every area of our civilization: physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

The anxiety associated with this upheaval can be crippling. Individuals facing chronic anxiety may have unique circumstances and symptoms, however, the common fear is that of irrational fear and dread that can lead to depression and isolation.

Lisa Rogers is trained and qualified to treat such issues as OCD, Phobias, GAD, Tics, Panic Attacks, and Trauma. With help, you can face your challenges.

The goal is to help patients become aware/conscious of and experience their feelings and thought processes and how this has led to maladaptive behavior. Work then is to devise and construct elements of change in patients thinking and behavior that can be implemented in the patient's life. In turn, patients can go on to live a more conscious, healthy, and vital life.

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