Online Therapy for Expats and Internationals

Lisa Rogers provides trusted Expat counseling for individuals across the the globe. *Currently  offering therapy for individuals and families based in Japan, United Arab Emirates and other international locations on a case by case basis.

Virtual Counseling can help with Expat fatigue

Whether you're an American living overseas or you're a citizen of a different country living in the United States, Lisa Rogers Counseling can help with virtual therapy services designed specifically for English speakers living in unfamiliar contexts like Tokyo or Abu Dhabi.

Living abroad is a unique experience that can be incredibly exhilarating and beautiful. However, it can also surface feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and identity issues. Acclimating to new surroundings can be difficult and compounded by the distance from friends and family. A trusted therapist can help you face your challenges and experience new growth.

"When my house burned down, I gained an unobstructed view of the moon."

- Mitzuta Masahide

Expert Therapy for unique Expat challenges

Lisa Rogers Counseling provides virtual counseling for individuals, couples, and families who feel isolated, and lonely and are experiencing the highs and lows of living in a new culture.

Common topics for Expats and Internationals include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Irritation
  • Loneliness
  • Low Motivation
  • Relationship issues
  • Culture Shock
  • Homesickness
  • Grief and Loss
  • Burnout

Lisa Rogers has years of experience providing counseling for ex-pats and internationals. You deserve a therapist who understands the unique challenges of living, working, and studying abroad. Lisa will take the time to get to know you and help you face the challenges specific to your situation.

"The Greatest Traveller is he who has been able to take a tour around himself."

- Confucius

Who is Online Therapy for?

The Japanese word for "crisis" includes the characters for "danger" and "opportunity". Indeed, in every disaster, seeds of opportunity and possibility are buried beneath the ashes.

Being a world traveler herself, Lisa recognizes the unique challenges that surface when you're in new environments. Lisa can help if you are currently in any of these contexts:

  • Expats
  • Study Abroad Students
  • International Families
  • Third Culture Kids
  • International Executives

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