Therapy for Adults

Lisa Rogers offers expert counseling for adults based in NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, VT, and International (Japan, United Arab Emirates) on case by case basis.

One on one sessions with therapist and patient. A safe and confidential space is provided so healing and change occur between therapist and patient. Self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behavior are explored.

The patient and therapist examine unresolved conflicts and symptoms that arise from past dysfunctional relationships and manifest themselves in the present.

My goal is to help patients become aware/conscious of and experience their feelings and thought processes and how this has led to maladaptive behavior. Work then is to devise and construct elements of change in patients thinking and behavior that can be implemented in the patient's life. In turn, patients can go on to live a more conscious, healthy, and vital life.

Lisa Rogers Counseling can help you get unstuck! Lisa will act as the guide for growth allowing you to face your challenges.

Virtual Counseling (video or phone) is available in the following states: NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, VT, and International (Japan, United Arab Emirates) on a case-by-case basis. Lisa Rogers provides inclusive, LGBTQ friendly relationship counseling. 

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