Depression Counseling

Experiencing a social stressor such as job loss, fear of the economy, death of a loved one can cause depression and anxiety.  Find your balance with therapy for depression from Lisa Rogers Counseling. Now available for in-person therapy in New York City and Virtual Counseling.

Are current events, a toxic work environment, difficult relationships, or serious medical issues accounting for high levels of depression and anxiety in your life?

The pressures of life's circumstances can make you feel trapped and depressed.

Are you experiencing any of these things?

  • Compulsive alcohol drinking
  • Overeating
  • Blaming others
  • Anxiety
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Risky behavior
  • Isolation
  • Fatigue

Depression can affect all ages. Many older adults who move from an independent lifestyle to one that is more dependent upon others often experience depression. Children and teens have social and peer pressures that result in feelings of depression. Drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, overeating, or having an addiction cause feelings of depression.

The holidays are difficult times for many and bring up old memories. Other conditions, such as menopause or chronic pain, stress, fatigue, recent childbirth, or postpartum depression is also common depression problem.

Depression and anxiety often become so pervasive that depression treatment is the only path forward. In fact, untreated depression can get worse, cause other health problems, and may last for years or even a lifetime. It can have a serious impact on both you and the people you care about.

Lisa offers evenings, and weekend appointments via Telemental Health (Online Counseling-Virtual/Video Conference and Phone Sessions).  She holds licenses in New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Vermont.  She has over 20 years of experience in remote counseling. She offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth sessions and communication.

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