Family Estrangement

Lisa Rogers is currently accepting appointments for family counseling, parents, and adult siblings seeking help.  Therapy available for groups with participants based in NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, and VT.

Lisa Rogers provides the tools and expertise for individuals and families that are dealing with estrangement, parental alienation, sibling conflict and other family challenges. In-person therapy is available in multiple locations in NYC (Manhattan).  Virtual counseling is a wonderful, convenient option for busy or geographically distanced relationships. All parties of your group must be based in these select states: NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, and VT.

Family relationships are a unique blend of history, comaraderie and complexity. Adult siblings and parents can often find themselves grappling with various challenges that strain their relationships and end up pushing each other away.

  • Is your childhood history influencing your relationship patterns today?
  • Do you have trouble understanding each others communications styles?
  • Has changing worldviews or lifestyle caused trust issues?
  • Do you have unresolved resentments from the past?
  • Have religious or cultural issues caused a rift?
  • Have parental and adult sibling dynamic casts a shadow on your interactions?

A therapist like Lisa Rogers can help you and your adult family members understand the factors that contribute to issues within your relationship. By addressing these underlying causes, you can work towards building more fulfilling and harmonious relationships with your adult siblings and parent.

Convenient licensed counseling (video or phone) is available for groups that are disbursed across state lines . All parties of your  group must be based in these select states: NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, and VT.   

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