Major life transitions causing familial tension? Family therapy can help with that

Major life transitions can be overwhelming and cause ripple effects within the relationship of your extended family. It may feel like everyone in your family has an opinion or something to say which can cause tension between relatives. DivorceCross-country moveRetirementWelcoming new childrenNew marriagesDeath of a loved one For many people, family therapy may feel like … Read more

Is Your Family Ready for Family Therapy? (How to Successfully Navigate Family Dynamics)

Giving Family Therapy a chance can be transformative for your family, but the reality is that deep set patterns and dysfunction that span decades are tough to tackle. Layers of emotion, resentment and misunderstanding can make even the simplest conversations go sideways quickly. Family therapy can provide a supportive environment to address challenges, improve communication, … Read more

Why Continuity of Therapy is so Important and How a Multi-State Therapist can Help

In the realm of mental health, the significance of continuity of care in therapy cannot be overstated. The geographic and scheduling challenges that many or our clients face (work, travel and family obligations) can only be overcome with a therapist that is licensed in multiple states. Why Continuity of Care Matters The consistent and uninterrupted … Read more

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Adult Sibling Relationships: Why Can’t We all Just Get Along?

Adult sibling relationships are a unique blend of history, camaraderie, and complexity. While some adult siblings share unbreakable bonds, others find themselves grappling with various challenges that strain their relationship. As a therapist who works with adult siblings in a variety of contexts, these are the underlying factors that often lead to difficulties in relationships. … Read more

What is a Multi-state Licensed Therapist?

Looking for a therapist licensed in multiple states? Lisa Rogers is a licensed therapist for the following state: NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, VT. Contact Lisa Rogers for more information. A mental health professional, like Lisa Rogers, that holds multiple state licenses is known as a multi-state licensed therapist. They are now able to serve … Read more

Why a Therapist is a Good Idea for Divorced Families

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time for families, especially when children are involved and even more so if families are dispersed geographically. During this transition, a therapist can play a vital role in helping the family navigate the changes and challenges they may face. Consider a multi-state licensed therapist like Lisa Rogers if … Read more

How a Multi-State Licensed Therapist Can Help?

Looking for a therapist licensed in multiple states? Lisa Rogers is a licensed therapist for the following states: NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, VT. Contact Lisa Rogers for more information. With the change of work at home policies, constant relocation of individuals, and families that are disbursed across state lines, finding a therapist … Read more

Overcoming Addiction: 5 Causes of Alcohol Abuse and How Therapy can Help

In the not-too-distant past, alcohol addiction was a taboo subject. Thankfully, things have changed for the better, and people caught in its grip can emerge from the closet and seek the necessary help. But before you can recover, the first step is pinpointing the root cause. To that end, today, let’s examine five causes of … Read more