Is Marriage Counseling Worth It?

Has your marriage hit a little bump, and it has you feeling a bit unsettled? You’re not alone. Every couple runs into conflicts along the way, and often they find themselves in need of a neutral third party to mediate and gain perspective.

Some of these bumps you can fix yourself with some time and effort. But when you hit those big bumps, you may find it hard to resolve them yourselves, and that is when marriage counseling can help. 

Today, we’ll talk about the process of marriage counseling and its benefits, as well as how to get started.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

The goal of marriage (or couples) counseling is to improve the relationship of the couple, or in some cases, distinguish an impasse that cannot be crossed and discuss the possibility that it is time to move on. 

Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

Marriage counseling can be highly effective. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) has expressed that marriage counseling is as effective, if not more effective than individual treatment for many different mental health issues, boasting an unprecedented 98% satisfaction rate among their clients.

With a combination of a qualified professional, both parties of the couple being committed to counseling, learning new skills, and having a safe environment to discuss sensitive issues, over time, couples may be able to:

  • Create positive changes in their relationship dynamic
  • Rekindle passion and romance that may have been lost
  • Heal prior trauma and wounds
  • Equip them to handle future issues

When both partners are invested in the treatment process, willing to take ownership in their part of the problem, and are willing to put forth the necessary effort outside of therapy, positive changes can occur in the relationship.

Is Marriage Counseling Right for Us?

Counseling may be right for you if both parties in the relationship are willing to engage and be committed to the therapy process. Having a good connection with your therapist is essential in becoming and staying engaged in therapy.

What Can We Expect During Marriage Counseling?

Each couple is different, so counseling is dependent on the therapist’s approach and the concerns presented by the couple. However, one thing that is the same across the board is that each person in the relationship should be made to feel that they are in a safe, accepting environment.

Partners may have different views of the problem at hand. A good therapist makes sure that each person feels heard and understood. This is accomplished by actively listening to each partner, summarizing and reflecting on each person’s experience, and stopping destructive communication patterns if they happen during a session.

How Long Does Marriage Counseling Take?

There is no right answer to this question. Your therapist may need a few sessions to assess the issues, and then, on average, couples require about 12 sessions. Remember, this number can vary based on several factors, including how willing the couple is to use the skills they learn in therapy in their day-to-day life, and is not an accurate estimate of the overall experience.

After the initial assessment, your therapist may be able to give you an idea of how long your counseling may take.

Is Online Marriage Counseling as Effective as In-Person Counseling?

Online counseling works the same as in-person therapy.

In 2008, researchers performed a meta-analysis of the effectiveness of online psychotherapeutic interventions and concluded that online therapy treats problems differently but is just as effective as in-person therapy.

If privacy is a concern, ask your therapist about the platform they use and its security. You have the right to privacy and the right to ensure that your privacy expectations can be met.

Let Lisa Rogers Counseling Help You Strengthen Your Marriage

Marriage counseling can help you address and move past significant issues in your relationship. And by working through these issues, you can strengthen the bond you have with your spouse. 

At Lisa Rogers Counseling, I can help you by acting as the intermediary. When we work together, you can learn new ways to speak to and hear your spouse, which will help you work through your issues without arguments and conflict.

I offer in-person therapy in New York City and virtual counseling  in NY, CA, IL, TX, NJ, VT, GA, FL, and Japan/International by-case basis. So contact me today, and let’s talk.