How a Multi-State Licensed Therapist Can Help?

Looking for a therapist licensed in multiple states? Lisa Rogers is a licensed therapist for the following states: NY, NJ, TX, CA, FL, GA, IL, VT. Contact Lisa Rogers for more information.

With the change of work at home policies, constant relocation of individuals, and families that are disbursed across state lines, finding a therapist that is licensed in multiple states is often a requirement for your situation.

Many clinicians, including Lisa Rogers, have expanded the number of state licenses that they hold. By keeping multi-state therapy licenses and utilizing current tele-therapy methods, therapists can now work with individuals, groups and families across state lines.

Multi-state licensed therapists can see keep seeing individuals when locations change.

Brie’s company recently enacted a work-at-home policy. She’s a graphic designer and has been itching to travel and see the west coast. She packed up her apartment in New York City and made her way to Los Angeles. Her therapist happens to be licensed in both California and New York, so she can stay with the therapist she loves and that knows her best.

If Brie’s therapist only held a New York state therapy license she would need to begin to work with someone new who is licensed in California. Multi-state licenses make it convenient for individuals who are moving regularly.

Multi-state licensed therapists can work with families across state lines.

Jamie’s family is spread across the country. Her parents are in Texas, her brother is in Georgia and she lives in Manhattan, New York. She loves her family and they work hard to stay in touch. Recently they’ve agreed that they could use some help from a trained therapist in untangling some family dynamics that are frustrating them. A therapist licensed in Texas, Georgia and New York along with a convenient tele-therapy platform make this family therapy possible.

With a multi-state licensed therapist the whole family can see the same therapist, plus they can join sessions all together by logging into the virtual therapy platform for a therapy session.

National companies can expand their list of trusted therapy providers.

Jeff works for an insurance company that is working hard to provide access to mental health care for its constituents. Since the pandemic began they have been overloaded with clients and struggling to find enough mental health providers. By referring patients to a multi-state licensed therapist he has been able to find quality care for his people faster.

With employees spread across state lines, it can be difficult for HR departments to provide the resources they’d like for their employees. With a trusted multi-state licensed therapist on board, it make referrals so much easier and leads to better outcomes for employees.

Lisa Rogers is a multi-state licensed therapist that can provide the flexibility you need.

Don’t let geography keep you from getting the help you and your family need. Counseling can help you address and move past significant issues in your life and relationships.

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